Student Doing Community 服务 Work with Children

Lyn Huxford Center for Community 服务 (CCS)


学者: First year students please apply 在这里!

研究员: Second and third year McKendree students please apply 在这里!

For more information, please visit the 选项卡. 


ace: This award is given to students who have:

400 documented service hours over their time at McKendree (including service done in the summers after freshman year)

Involvement in activities and organizations and McKendree.

请申请 在这里!

For more information, please visit the  选项卡


The Lyn Huxford Center for Community 服务 (CCS) welcomes everyone! 学生、教师、 and staff, please feel free to drop by the Center at any time through the year or attend any CCS meetings in which you have interest. Meetings are coordinated by CCS staff, but all students are welcome. Students can come to meetings, connect with a service site, take a lead in coordinating events, recruit people for service, and bring new ideas to the 选项卡le.

我们一直在你身边. We can also help you plan a service activity with a group or an individual site if you are interested.


The Lyn Huxford Center for Community 服务 aims to provide experiential learning and enriching service to engage 黄金城官方网站 and its students with both their local and global communities. We strive to develop socially responsible global citizens. This is done through academic coursework, service experiences, educational programming and opportunities for personal growth.



流落街头Community 服务 and 外展

CCS works with partner agencies to serve the community. We coordinate individualized service placements, weekly service opportunities, and group service projects. 通过 our partnerships, we are able to build a spirit of service on campus that is carried with students into their lives and careers after graduating.


服务学习 CCS assist faculty in finding appropriate 服务学习 placements as well as meeting individually with faculty members to consult on their courses. 我们还提供 service learning contracts, evaluations, evaluation tools, hours logs and other forms for students and faculty and assist students at the beginning of the semester to solidify weekly service opportunities to fulfill their course’s 服务学习 requirements 如果需要.


社会正义CCS coordinates events and programs to build social awareness among the campus community. Among other events, we coordinate Hunger and 首页lessness week for our community to raise awareness of the local and global causes and effects of hunger and homelessness. Retreats are provided to analyze issues and systems affecting social injustice. 反射 to build individual understanding of justice are also offered on a monthly basis.